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Bridging The Gap owner chain break loans.

You've found a new home. you've got a very interested party in the house you selling. Everything is going swimmingly, then out of the blue your buyer simply disappears. Whether they have been refused a mortgage, found another property, or are trying to low ball their offer, the deal goes South. We can bridge the gap for you so you complete your move.

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The Chain Repaired a property chain break with a short term loan.

Our bridging finance can be used to cover your new home purchase. Simply make the affordable monthly interest payments on the bridge until you sell your old house. Upon that completing, clear the full amount you bridged in one quick and easy payment, with no exit fees or early repayment penalties. A property chain break doesn't mean you lose your new property.

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Clearing The Loan exit fee cheap interest loans.

We can offer cheap bridging loans to homeowners. Simply use the funding from us to purchase your new home and move house. There are interest only monthly repayments to make, however as soon as sell your old property, you simply, in one transaction, clear the full amount you  borrowed and that is the short term financing terminated.

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Property chain breaks temporarily repaired!

Bridging-finance.Me.UK:Property chain break rescueWe guarantee quick bridging loans for those that need financing rapid due to a break in the property chain. It's all relatively straight forward. Your property is used as security and the bridging loan is then used to purchase the home that you might feel will get away from you be being let down on the sale of your old house. When that seels, simply use those proceeds to clear the bridge, quick and easy.

We don't undertake any form of credit check. We base all our lending purely on equity in the property, land or properties, so if you are completely, 100 percent honest about the true value of the house or building being used as security, combined with the the real amount of equity you have in said properties, then if we give you a decision in principle, 99.9% of the time, the loan is usually paid out. So get in contact today and get positive decision on bridging finance for both residential purchases and for a business or commercial investment.

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Important news update: 

Brand new bridging loan product. A 2nd charge borrowing facility, like a bridging loan except with a minimum loan value of just £10,000.00. Short and medium term repaymentplans available. As far as we are aware, we are the first lender in the UK to offer such a low borrowing threshold.

Read more about the new 2nd charge bridging finance here!

Bridging-finance.Me.UK:Telephone 0845 467 9798Bridging-finance.Me.UK:Telephone 0845 467 9798Bridging-finance.Me.UK:Telephone 0845 467 9798

It doesn't matter what type of house you are selling, or which type of property you are worried about missing out on due to the chain break, as long as you have ample equity in the house you currently live in, we should be able to offer you a funding option based solely on equity and not credit history or income levels. The best way to see if we can help you temporarily repair the chain break is to get in contact. you could own your new home within a week!