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Although it may seem like it, having to declare yourself bankruptcy isn't the final option. If you decent equity in one property or more but are short on available funds, we can help you bridge that gap, pay off your debts which should aid you in your quest to avoid going bankrupt. Once your debts are clear, sell your property and clear the bridge.

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Until recently, we only offered traditional bridging loans, however we have been able to adapt certain aspects to offer a few more flexible ways of gaining that funding to bankruptcy proceeding. These include our new 2nd charge medium term financing starting at just £10,000 and our new style commercial funding which is unsecured.

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The Insolvency Register

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Once you are on the insolvency, entering into any type of credit agreement because almost impossible. This includes simple things like mobile phone contracts, satelitte or cable TV packages, all types of loans and monthly insurance plans. A bridge with us can keep you off the insolvency register and leave lines of credit and agreements open to you.

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Stop bankruptcy proceeding with bridging loans!

Bridging-Finance.Me.UK:Property auction loans.We have helped, on average, one person per week throughout 2014 avoid bankruptcy and going on the insolvency register. With a quick bridging loan from us, with low cost interest rates, they have cleared all their debts and stayed relatively healthy when it comes to credit score and reports.

The are huge benefits to be gained by staying off the insolvency register. for example, once you are registered bankrupt, you are not allowed to become a company director or company secretary, so any ambitions of setting up your own business are thwarted. It makes it difficult to get monthly payment plans, like car insurance, phone lines, broadband and mobile phones, emaning you are stuck with your current supplier, or you are forced to go pay as you go. You also have no chance are getting any form of monetary credit and your current credit card could be terminated without notice.

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Important news update: 

Brand new bridging loan product. A 2nd charge borrowing facility, like a bridging loan except with a minimum loan value of just £10,000.00. Short and medium term repaymentplans available. As far as we are aware, we are the first lender in the UK to offer such a low borrowing threshold.

Read more about the new 2nd charge bridging finance here!

Bridging-finance.Me.UK:Telephone 0845 467 9798Bridging-finance.Me.UK:Telephone 0845 467 9798Bridging-finance.Me.UK:Telephone 0845 467 9798

It literally makes sense to try and stop any bankruptcy proceedings. For the extra effort it takes to fight on and see if you can use on of our bridging loan products to help stave it off, it could save masses of heart ache and pressure in the future. Get in contact today to see if we are able to help you. We will treat youer enquiry with the utmost secrecy and treat you with unlimited respect.