Standing out in the sea of principal bridging loan lenders

Independent and crowdsourced for bad credit

Residential purchases designed for auction property purchases.

Seen your perfect next home going under the hammer at a local or national property auction? We can offer you a short term solution so you are free to bid away and secure the purchase untill you get your longer term financing or mortgage in place. Use that to clear the bridging loan in full with no early repayment penalties or exit fees.

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Quick decision decision low cost interest rates.

As an independent lender, we are able to work 'outside the box' when it comes to the decision making process. Through our fast track method, which includes no actual credit check, we are able to give a definitive 'yes' or 'no' answer based on the equity in the property or land you would like to use as security, making us the ideal choice for quick bridging or bad credit.

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Commercial ventures for property auctions.

If you are a property investor, developer or are looking to purchase a home for refurbishment, our unregulated funding could be the ideal platform for you to buy at a property auction. As long as you are not living in the building you have acquired, we should be able to offer you cheap interest bridging loans with no set up fees and no exit costs.

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Property auction finance experts!

Bridging-Finance.Me.UK:Property Auction LoansNo matter which property auction you are going to attend, or even at right now, if you have your eye on what could possibly be your next new home or business investment, we can offer you a fast decision in principal almost immediately*. Whether you would require a 1st or 2nd charge, or if you are looking for regulated or unregulated financing, we can offer you a quick bridging loan answer either by telephone, by email or by using our contact form.

We don't undertake any form of credit check. We base all our lending purely on equity in the property, land or properties, so if you are completely, 100 percent honest about the true value of the house or building being used as security, combined with the the real amount of equity you have in said properties, then if we give you a decision in principle, 99.9% of the time, the loan is usually paid out. So get in contact today and get positive decision on bridging finance for both residential purchases and for a business or commercial investment.

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*In principal decision is based on the fact that any property valuation is correct and up to date and the amount of mortgage/secured loans also submitted to us is also correct and that there are also no known legal issues pending on the property or land being used as security.

Important news update: 

Brand new bridging loan product. A 2nd charge borrowing facility, like a bridging loan except with a minimum loan value of just £10,000.00. Short and medium term repaymentplans available. As far as we are aware, we are the first lender in the UK to offer such a low borrowing threshold.

Read more about the new 2nd charge bridging finance here!

Bridging-finance.Me.UK:Telephone 0845 467 9798Bridging-finance.Me.UK:Telephone 0845 467 9798Bridging-finance.Me.UK:Telephone 0845 467 9798

So whether you are a builder or property investor in need of a short term bridge, or a business person or entity looking for development or commercial funding, or even a homeowner, or potential property owner totally annoyed with the time consuming, bureaucratic, red tape laden procedures of the established banks and building societies, talk to us, or click the button below to complete our initial contact form and get a a quick bridging loan so you can bid away at the property auction and hopefully snag yourself a bargain.

Financing for those without a perfect credit score.

Unlike the mainstream lenders and other channels you can use to help fund an auction property purchase, we do not base any of the bridging loan on your credit score. Far from it. We believe irrespective of your borrowing history, if you have managed to pay a minimum of 45% of your mortgage or remortgage off, we feel you should be eligible for financing.

So if you have been refused elsewhere, or are worried about applying because of a couple of credit card defaults, don't be. The core of our business is actually for those that haven't got a good credit rating. Five or six geniune enquiries a day ragning from a missed mortgage payment, through to registered on the insolvency registered, in the process of being decalred bankrupt or even having their home or property repossessed.

Our bridging loans that can be used for property auction finance are based solely on equity. So get in touch today and find out if we can offer cheap rate short term finance.

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